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Bmore Rapper DDm Drops the Video for "Come Thru" and Kills it

Here are eight awesome things about this video and that's just the start.

We first came across


via Noisey's resident Baltimore writer Brandon Soderberg.

He wrote this piece on B'more producer Schwarz

and the "semi-sketchy," musically openminded, thriving scene that centers around a space called The Crown, in the area of the city known as Station North. We were so intrigued by what was going on down there that a couple of months ago

we sent THE KID MERO to investigate

The Crown, its bi-monthly clubnight Kahlon, and the city's "gay rap" scene. But as we found out from Abdu Ali—who blends noise, hip-hop, and amped up crazy—"Gay rap is not a genre." Once there THE KID MERO shot the shit with Schwarz, cosied up to Junglepussy, and met Abdu Ali and DDm as well.


A former battle rapper with an encyclopedic history of the Bmore scene—who was also crucial in encouraging Abdu Ali to make music—DDm charmed us with his grin, his dimples, and his ability to spit sick bars on the fly (click here to see that evidence in action.)

Above is the premiere of DDm's video for "Come Thru." Produced by fellow Bmore artist Mo ESQ, it's the firts track from the rapper's Clearance.

Here are eight things that we love about this video:

1. His parking lot party. And THAT SHIRT. A note from DDm regarding the threads in this video: " I wanted to make sure I looked like how I dress on a daily basis: fun, eccentric and authentically Baltimore!" Yes!

2. The way his head bulges out for a hot minute before popping back to normal size. Surely a homage to Missy and Hype Williams at their peak.

3. This random model boy, nodding sagely.

4. The hightop, pulled up sock situation.

5. DDm's grills. And this chick's side eye.

6. Actually just this chick in general. Check that smell-lip-grimace.

7. Mmm. Mountain Dew.

8. Hai!

Kim is Noisey's Style Editor. She ❤s DDm and she's on Twitter - @theKTB

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