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Staggering Down High Street with Melbourne Punks, Dribble, One of the Best Punk Bands in Australia

Their new single "Lovers" is a must get for fans of Australian punk.
October 3, 2014, 3:30pm

Photo by Sigourny Ormston

The debut cassette for Melbourne punks Dribble was a putrid and disturbing affair. A sordid drunk/drug take on the Electric Eels, The Stooges and Velvet Underground’s White Light, White Heat that was as harsh and discomforting as the broken glass, spit, and beer that vocalist Texas Tom often rolls in at their raucous live shows. After some delays, they have released “Lovers” their debut seven-inch, a co-release between Cool Death, a label that bassist Tom Bradford is involved with, and Distort. The sound has been cleaned up a bit, and by "cleaned up," we mean like a Kleenex to a stab wound. Let’s just say it. They are one of the best punk bands in Australia.


We caught up with Nathan (Slimy) Williams and Bradford on the eve of their Melbourne seven-inch launch.

Noisey: The tape was amazing but the sound on "Lovers" is quite a bit different. I’m not sure if it’s cleaner but definitely clearer.
Nathan Williams: Texas recorded the demo with his old man and since then he’s come into his own and gotten a whole lot better at it. He recorded the band playing live in a giant room upstairs at Bakehouse Studio with a reel to reel. The prick did his vocal takes at 5 AM in his bedroom when we got home from a night of drinking. I went into his room and ripped the cords out of their sockets and abused him. It was worth the annoyance because the poor guy is at his best at his most decrepit. You have a reputation for being pretty rowdy live. Texas Tom is a true front man. Do you know who he draws most inspiration from?
Nathan: Ol' Lou (RIP) and Tom Green. Enough said. Both songs start with Nathan’s distinct guitar playing. Rough as fuck but there is a real tough melody too.
Bradford: Slimey produces these ugly but uplifting riffs for Dribble, I feel like he accesses the unconscious just as much the conscious when playing for any band. His playing and the songwriting for "Lovers" may end up only a moment in time for Dribble though. Is the High St in "High St Girl" in reference to any in particular?
Nathan: Our High Street is connected to Glenferrie Road in Toorak. We live in a dilapidated shit-hole paying next to no rent in Australia’s wealthiest neighborhood. In the song, Tom is talking about yoga moms wearing Dolce & Gabbana, teenage private Catholic schoolgirls donning head-to-toe limited edition Nike and the delicious cougars drinking green cold-pressed juices, waiting for a guy like him to come along. Giddy up. This is co-release with Distort. Why have you gotten DX involved?
Bradford: He said a long-while ago he’d put his name to anything Dribble recorded, and he followed through on his word. A true gentleman.

"Lovers" is availble now from Cool Death and will be availabe in the US through Easter Bilby and Feel It Records soon.