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Museum Mouth Make Unrequited Love Sound Awesome

It's the catchiest album about being obsessed with someone you can't have that you'll hear all day.

You know that feeling you get when you love someone but, for whatever reason, you can't have them? Well, maybe you don’t since you are such attractive and desirable readers of the internet. But most of us normies have felt the sting of unrequited love at least once. It sucks. It kinda feels like you have a sickness in your head that there’s no cure for and you just wanna tear a huge chunk of your brain out. But the thing about that helpless feeling is sometimes it scares you into being really productive. Take Museum Mouth for example. The North Carolina band made an entire concept album based around the feeling of being obsessed with someone who you can’t have. Alex I Am Nothing sounds infinitely better than lying in your bed, sobbing. Lots of fuzzy guitars topped with shaky, unsteady vocals that underlie the album’s feeling of desperation. Sort of like if Conor Oberst was fronting Cloud Nothings.


Check out “Crocodile” from Alex I Am Nothing which is out next week from Self Aware Records and then maybe forget about that person you’re obsessed with and move on.