This story is over 5 years old.

T in the Park is in Serious Trouble

A dossier from the local council says “the event will not be allowed to proceed” unless it sorts its shit out.

T in the Park has had its fair share of controversies and problems over the years. There were the legally protected ospreys that decided to nest on its festival site, causing a war of words between the festival and some bird conservationists. There was the secret government bankroll of £150k last year that kept it going. There was the guy who tweeted about being locked in a tent bag, thus sparking a police search of the site, only to then admit it was a prank. And then there's the fact that they keep booking Paulo Nutini every single year without fail. Why do they keep doing that? Anyway, despite it all, the festival has always prevailed, and is now approaching year twelve.


But it just wouldn't be T in the Park without the annual preemptive suggestion that it's completely fucked and might not happen And here it is: senior officials at Perth and Kinross Council have issued a dossier that says there is no way the festival can happen in 2016 unless it gives itself a complete overhaul.

According to The Scotsman: "The council has now reported a string of organisational blunders, including last-minute changes to the event’s layout, infrastructure, transport plans and security arrangements, as well as repeated breaches of the event’s planning permission."

According to the dossier on last year's event, the stewards lacked "basic knowledge" about the festival site, and the transport was, basically, a shitshow, meaning streams of attendees would find themselves channeled up narrow country roads. Police Scotland also reported a "significant increase" in violence at the 2015. The Scotsman continues: "the council said there were widespread reports of 'a higher sense of uneasiness' from members of the public and council staff."

We're unsure what "a higher sense of uneasiness" means. Maybe there was a genuine threat to public safety, or maybe just one too many dudes got their tops off in the Slam tent. Either way, the council wants it fixed NOW.