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Tee Circus Gave Us A Mix

Treat yourself to an hour of some of the finest UK bass.
September 20, 2012, 2:00pm

Londoner, Tee Circus, has been immersed in the city's pirate radio scene since the age of 12. So about the age I was trying to shoplift nail varnish, he was already carving a nice little profile for himself as a music connoisseur, which would lead to DJing, producing and his first vinyl release aged just 17. I know, annoying right?

Tee takes his cues from the glory days of UK garage, so with the revival of all things bassy and British pushing tired indie bands off the radio, his sound's been getting props from the likes of Mosca, Doorly and Redlight

Anyway, if all those names are gibberish to you, educate yourself with this mix he made exclusively for us, featuring some of the greatest shit coming out in underground bass right now. And then check out the teaser of his new track "Shepherdess Walk" (spot the reference street name nerds) which you can listen to here.

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