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Loyle Carner Punctures Our Hearts and Sends us Skyward With His EP

Loyle's debut EP bolsters an already more-than-decent run for British hip-hop.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB
September 5, 2014, 10:00am

The internet isn’t a competition that can be “won” or a shop that can be “shut down”, it’s just really big. Thousands of songs are uploaded to Soundcloud each day and starting now, we’re going to sort through them and present you with our favourites. This week:

Loyle Carner's debut EP has been a long time coming. He first came to our attention early last year, appearing on Rejjie Snow's Rejovich and salivating our taste buds with his own tracks, "Eleven" and "Sea Shells" - with the latter appearing on the new record.

Bolstering an already more-than-decent run for British hip-hop, Loyle joins Sub Luna City, Jesse James and Hawk House as an artist invigorating a scene that has felt stagnant for far too long. The record punctures your heart - with Loyle tackling a delicate subject matter on the EP's opening track "BFG" - but also sends the listener skyward, tracks like "Pieces" sounding as dulcet as napping atop a cloud, attempting to avoid any sort of negative energy.

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