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We Re-Scored Drive Featuring All Your Favourite Radio Hits

With BBC Three about to broadcast Drive featuring a new soundtrack curated by Radio 1, we take our own look at the Drive that could have been.
October 23, 2014, 10:12am

The overall atmosphere of any film is largely dictated by it’s soundtrack. Strike the wrong tone and passionate sex scenes become a gross mess, brutal murders turn into slapstick and car chases start to resemble the opening credits to Wacky Races. If Lost In Translation has taught us anything, it’s that a film’s soundtrack can become just as beloved as the film itself - a lesson that Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive reiterated in 2011. Featuring loads of sexy French electro from College, Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx as well as a dreamy bass-heavy score by Cliff Martinez, the soundtrack to Drive is absolutely integral to the narrative. It tells us what Ryan Gosling is feeling when he’s staring intently at something in silence and sucking toothpick, which constitutes 80% of the scenes, and creates the tangible contrast between tenderness and ultra-violence that makes Drive so distinct. Similarly, the absence of music intentionally clears a space for some of the more intense moments to flourish (because the sound someone’s head caving in is much more effective when it’s the only noise you can hear).

On October 30 at 10pm, BBC Three will broadcast Drive with one major twist: a new score as curated by BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe, which will feature contributions from the likes of The 1975, Baauer, BANKS, Bring Me The Horizon, CHVRCHES, Eric Prydz, Foals, Jon Hopkins, The Neighbourhood and SBTRKT. It sounds like a pretty cool idea, so I decided to stay up until 2am watching the original and trying to figure out how it could possibly be improved. With the help of Vine and all your favourite radio hits, I think I found some of the answers. Allow me to guide you through: the Drive that could have been…

Very Atmospheric Opening Credits

The Protagonist's Entrance

Ryan Gosling's Personal Anthem, Obviously

BRB Just Gotta Follow This Woman Around The Shop

Gosling On The Chirpse With Some Other Guy's Bird Like

And Having A Sick Time TBH

But, Naturally, Everything Starts To Go Wrong

Clearly Some Shit's About To Go Down



Then The Stormy Emotional Climax

Whilst Ron Pearlman Goes HAM In The Diner

Fuck You Ron Pearlman

Ryan Gosling's Other Personal Anthem

Whatever, No Time For Emotions. SEE YA LATER BITCHES.


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