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Sky Ferreira - "Sad Dream" Official Video

Sky > Lana, but we're not doing the math here.
October 30, 2012, 6:19pm

I like to think of Sky Ferreira as something of a do-over in opposition to the critical oopsie that was Lana Del Rey. Both are singers whose initial projects would have been described as "poorly received" if that label didn't imply that a quorum of people had heard the thing in the first place, both pretty clearly come from family money (Del Rey's dad made millions off of domain names, and Ferreira's parents were friends with Michael Jackson which you can interpret as you will), and both pretty much took a 180 when shooting for stardom the second time around. The thing is Sky Ferreira is way better than Lana Del Rey.

Ferreira is no longer shooting for the stadium with Bloodshot and Avant, now she's making "Everything Is Embarrassing" with Blood Orange, and that's a good thing. Her newest video, for "Sad Dream" off her Ghost EP, finds her cavorting in a field and a cabin, which feels anachronistic given her modeling/acting career. Still. Good song, good video, no harm done.