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BATHAUS Noisey Mix

Witchy goodness from the mysterious Boston beatmaker.
October 4, 2012, 9:20am

Witchy Bostonian beat maker, BATHAUS, strikes me as the type of goat-sacrificing cultist that keeps their skin all supple by bathing in the blood of virgins –just like me– so I knew I had to hit them up for an exclusive Noisey mix.

Apparently inspired by gothic chanting and ritual spaces like cathedrals, BATHAUS’ witchy hip-hop beats will make you howl like a werewolf and bite someone square on the neck as you’re on the evening commute from work. The brains behind the 'haus also make some pretty gnarly art and custom visuals to match the blood-curdling tuneage


They’ve got an art show at the Season gallery in Seattle from October to December and have recently released their ARCANE|||CUT cassette tape via Haute Magie (yes, like, actual cassette tape, so dust off that Walkman).



Mascara - "Shadow of Tonight" (Neuport / Chippy Nonstop Money Dance Twerp)

Shisa & Choongum - "Hearts"


Dark Mother - "Pathing"

BATHAUS - "Inferno Giallo"

K234y5h4wN - "bump1n (Nattymari Obliteration)"

Slow Head - "Revitalist"

Dadaisme - "Sit Down!"

▲NDRΛS - "Step Outside The Circle"

NickY Romance [Ft. DEAD ART STAR] - "Chasing Dragons"


C.Z. / M|O|D - "Throw Sum 1'z"

Hideous Men - "Dream Scene"

CRIM3S - "Breed" (MASCARA Remix)

MagZilla - "Ride2die (4evermane)"

M.O.O.N [Ft. GLASS TEETH] - "Warehouse"

BATHAUS - "Grey Chant"

Pyramids of Mu - "Al-Azhar"