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Let PARTYNEXTDOOR's "Kehlani's Freestyle" Soundtrack Your New Love

Falling in love is dope. Being able to make songs about it is even doper.
July 30, 2015, 2:13pm

Good news for anyone who has recently fallen head over heels in love: PARTYNEXTDOOR has just released a new song just for you! Titled "Kehlani's Freestyle," the track not-so-subtly hints at the newest R&B power couple to emerge from the internet. The hints were there if you knew where to look, with PARTYNEXTDOOR putting out a track called "Girl From Oakland" earlier this year, but now it appears that we have confirmation through song.

Although the song is specific, it's themes aren't insular. PARTYNEXTDOOR laments on the stuggles of having to date someone famous, crooning "who did you love that I gotta shake hands with?" But he also manages to capture the urgency of wanting to see someone new in your life in the most millennial way possible, singing "fuck the uber I'mma cab it."

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