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PREMIERE: Brockhampton's Debut Mixtape 'All-American Trash' Contains Multitudes

The Texas-based collective of rappers, singers, and producers defies easy genre labels.

Brockhampton is a collective of rappers, singers, producers, and more containing but not limited to rappers Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon and Merlyn Wood, singer Matt Champion, and producers Romil and Bearface that calls Texas headquarters but truthfully hails from all around the world. Tonight Brockhampton finally releases a full mixtape, titled All-American Trash, after years of guest appearances on each other's solo records. All-American Trash contains multitudes: In the mixtape's shiftless mid-section alone, the mood zooms from the static-coated bricolage of "Mosscliff" to the acoustic quiet of "Contacts" to earnest R&B on "Palace Corrected" right into the trap banger "Flip Mo."


"Infatuated" might be the highlight; the production is coolly lush, and the vocals walk the thin line between rapping and singing while bombing out a lyric about lost love with references to Dragon Ball Z and Dora the Explorer. Brockhampton is multi-talented and unconfined by the boundaries of genre, and All-American Trash is a great display of the many moods this team is able to tap. Stream the mixtape, executive produced by Romil, Ian Simpson, and Russell Boring, below and head over to the group's website to check out the full credits and grab a download.

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