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Watch One Guy Sneak in a Dab for the SOPHIE Charli XCX Collab "Vroom Vroom"

Look at the dab! and rare sightings of SOPHIE, A.G. Cook, and Hannah Diamond.
April 22, 2016, 6:56pm

At long last Charli XCX and SOPHIE have finally dropped a video for "Vroom Vroom" and it's… predictably good. I mean what did you expect, Charli XCX is the rare breed of pop star whose visuals are as eccentric and interesting as her music. The video has the singer along with a very talented group of dancers pop squatting and flexing in front a very nice look car in a neat black and white filter. Eventually, the PC Music SQUAD,GANG GANG GANG, shows up and the video gets double cool with cameos from the usually camera-averse A.G. Cook, SOPHIE, and Hannah Diamond. Again, all cool and predictable until… the dab.

A rare moment in PC Music history where an unnamed individual can be caught dabbing

For a brief moment at the 2:25 mark you can catch what I'm almost certain is a dab. Now, dabbing is of course nothing new in current times and it has appeared in a multitude of videos and desperate attempts at relevancy by newscasters. However, what makes this dab special is the brevity of it all. Blink once and you might just miss it but it's there in all its hundredth of a second glory. Look how natural the movement is. This wasn't, couldn't have been planned and I'm sure SOPHIE, maybe even Charli, aren't even aware of its existence in the video. Yet here we are. PC Music counter culture, culture, that embraces mainstream culture has finally clashed with cultural zeitgeist, the dab in one special moment. More importantly, if you read all of this you're an idiot. Watch the video below it's good.

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