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The Power of the Sax Protects Andy Human and the Reptoids From Squares and Park Rangers

By about the two-minute mark of his new video, you half expect Andy Human to be tackled to the ground.
April 14, 2016, 11:18am

At first, Andy Human and the Reptoids new video “Sarcastic” seems outright disturbing. In it, the musician wanders around a Bay Area park and shreds guitar inside a playground while wearing what looks like a 80s IRA paramilitary uniform complete with balaclava.

In these paranoid times surrounding suspected domestic terrorism, it’s surprising he wasn’t tasered by the end of the first verse.

But then your remember, or realise, that Andy Human is actually an alien from space and this punky, new wave, rock and roll complete with tenor sax protects him from squares, cops and park rangers.


Taken from the now sold out (although Andy tells me he still has a few at shows) Sarcastic 7" that came out in February on Italian label Goodbye Boozy, the video was shot by Amber Sermeno, his non-alien band mate in The World, and nails all the intergalactic, weird shit that makes Andy Human and the Reptoids so great.

NOISEY: Did you really shred guitar in a children's playground while wearing a balaclava?
Andy Human: Yes, indeed I did. Oddly, no one seemed to notice, even though the sky turned amphibious and started discharging viscous meta-slime.

Have you ever snarled at the mayor?
I snarled and chuckled a bit when I saw her dancing on a snail with MC Hammer. The ancient Egyptian sun god Ra, who used to play tenor sax with us claimed to have received a furtive, lusty glance from her at a city council meeting before she became mayor. But she deserves a hearty sneer and a healthy snarl for being an elitist career politician. She's big into law enforcement and new development.

The video features a fair bit of jogging. Does an average Reptoids show draw many joggers?
So far our crowds are only half jogger. With this video we're hoping to double or even triple that percentage.