This story is over 5 years old.

Enter the Wasteland in Chelsea Wolfe's New Video for "Carrion Flowers"

Everything is grey and bleak and perfect.

Chelsea Wolfe is one of our favorite dark-pop artists. It seems like every new song of hers sounds like the soundtrack to some goth wasteland where everything is black and white, and reality is incredibly gross and malleable. In her new video for "Carrion Flowers," we're thrown, unsurprisingly, into a strange world of gloom and darkness. The bleakness and sterility of an abandoned school building's side is the same kind of emptiness found when in the wastes of crushed stone. Wolfe floats around the video like a specter, wandering aimlessly through these landscapes while the song comes down like a thunder in the distance. In short, the video kind of makes you feel like there's no point to the vastness of life. We love it.