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PREMIERE: Stream Nothing's Cover of Nirvana's "Something in the Way"

The Philadelphia-based band proves their worth.

On April 18, Robotic Empire will release their second Nirvana tribute, Whatever Nevermind, which features a number of bands covering the 1991's iconic Nevermind in full (for those of you somehow wondering, yes, this is the record with the naked baby on the cover). Below, Noisey is thrilled to premiere a cut, which sees Philadelphia's Nothing taking on "Something in the Way," one of the album's more somber tracks.


Nirvana nostalgia may feel like it's a bit played out these days—we're at the point where we're getting critical essays about the critical essays about the critical essays about what the Seattle band means—but that doesn't take away from Cobain and company's incredible influence. The fact that in the year 2015, nearly two decades after Kurt Cobain killed himself, crews of young musicians are still regularly coming together to pay tribute to his work is nothing short of moving. In Nothing's cover, the band proves themselves worthy. Vocalist Brandon Setta delivers, his trembling tenor voice—above a slow building burn of guitars by Dominic "Nicky" Palermo and piano by Mikele Edwards—somehow carrying the weight of the deeply emotional song, driven by nonsensical lyrics weirdly full of a titanic amount of self-analysis. Cobain was the expert of looking inward and trying to figure out just what the fuck was going on in his head. He made music because he needed to—not necessarily because he wanted to.

Stream Nothing's version of "Something in the Way" below, and pre-order the Whatever Nevermind here.