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This Week in Music and Fashion: Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, and More

Kendrick Lamar and Pusha-T align with Reebok, Solange's collab with Puma continues, and Drake gets down with goose down.

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Photo via Solange's Instagram December should be a desert—the deadest news month of the year, where headlines are more dominated by reflections than announcements—but this year is unlike past ones.This week, in the smack-dab middle of the month, there was still a steady stream of news stories. Most of them, however, happened to belong to the colliding of music and fashion, which, if you still need proof, is yet another reminder of how intertwined they’ve become. Not only were this week’s music and fashion stories a welcome relief from all of the Year of Pharrell think pieces, they were also a sneak peek of what we can expect in this space next year.


Sneaker Companies Look for Street Cred with Kendrick Lamar and Pusha T


When A$AP Rocky turned his back on streetwear with his Hood By Air and Been Trill-dissing “Multiply,” and subsequent campaign for the most anti-hypebeast label of them all, Ferragamo, activewear companies must have been listening. This week two separate similarly spirited campaigns emerged: Kendrick Lamar for Reebok and the first look at Pusha T for Adidas. Photo courtesy of Reebok Unlike Adidas other collaborations this year with flashy music and fashion players like Kanye West, Pharrell, and Rita Ora, their partnership with Pusha T is a new look for the company. “Pharrell and Kanye are A-1 tastemakers, and their taste levels are on par with the best,” as Pusha T explained to GQ. “As far as myself, I feel like I translate ideas from the streets better than anyone. It’s like they lasso’d all of the greats from their respective places.”

Kendrick Lamar is approaching his new ambassador post for Reebok in a similar way. For starters, the campaign kicked off with a gritty freestyle video of Kendrick in his native Compton. Plus, Pusha T’s clean design palette is shared by the minds who created the 25th anniversary iteration of the OG ventilator that Kendrick is modeling. The overlap between campaigns raises the question, when these collaborations drop, will Rocky’s words resonate more next year?

Drake’s OVO Label Collaborates with Canada Goose Again


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Photo via Drake's Instagram Drake, like anyone else who grew up in Toronto or another wintery city, is somewhat of an expert on outerwear, which is why he’s teamed up yet again with Canada Goose. Now a seasoned jacket collaborator, Drake went with a bolder approach this time around, ditching last run’s monochromatic look for something a lot flashier: a grey scale camo with a bright orange interior. OVO also created the look in a sleeveless option, because you know you’ve made it in the rap world when you have your own puffy vest. Look for the designs to hit OVO and Canada Goose’s websites on December 18.


Andre 3000 Announces T-Shirt Line

If you saw Andre 3000’s Jenny Holzer-esque jumpsuits on the recent OutKast tour and thought, “When can I get that slogan as a t-shirt?” You’re A) not alone and B) should be happy to hear that time will come soon. “People have been asking me where can I get that shirt that says ‘I love big girls,’” Andre told Hard Knock TV. Some of the slogans you should expect to see on t-shirts: “children of the cornbread,” “have you stopped growing?,” “make love not war,” “teacher’s deserve more,” and “across cultures, darker people suffer most. why?”​


Photo by Petya Shalamanova

Solange Knowles Teases Second Installment of Her Puma Collaboration

A photo posted by S A I N T R E C O R D S (@saintrecords) on Dec 12, 2014 at 10:29am PST

Photo via Solange's Instagram

Recent newlywed, pro dancer, and expert cape-wearer Solange Knowles has another sneaker collaboration in the works for Puma and it’s just as coppable as the first. Solange unveiled the second installment of the new line this week on Instagram and it’s more aesthetically in line with her wedding attire than her signature ability to mix prints and pastels. Solange went with a neutral approach this time, doing up a pair of cross-trainers in white with beige trim and a pair of classic Puma sneakers in the reverse combination. While she’s at it, it would be really sweet if she could create some workout clothes to go with them.

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