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The legendary noise band are returning to Australia in January and we suggest you tick seeing them play off your bucket list.

photo by Samantha Marble

Does anything compare to a Swans show? Tension. Drama. Pain, Catharsis. Beauty. All of it it shifting and moving in an epic and emotional live performance. They are the singlular exception to the adage of "keep it short and keep them wanting more"; a Swans show usually lasts longer than your average show but will leave you feeling more awestruck than the moment they hit the first chord.
Prepare to have your mind (and eardrums) blown when the legendary New York no wave experimental band return to Australia to perform some shows inlcuing Tasmania's MOFO Festival and Sugar Mountain in Melbourne.

In addition, look for the band's forthcoming digital EP of Oxygen from To Be Kind. The EP, due on 11/25 features four different versions of the song: an edit of Oxygen by Mute founder Daniel Miller, a live version from Primavera, an early version recorded at Gira’s home and an acoustic version recorded at StudioMute. Stream the Daniel Miller edit below.

Catch Swans performing in Australia this summer:
January 17 in Hobart at MOFO Festival. Tickets available here.
January 24 in Melbourne at Sugar Mountain. Tickets available here