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Andy Bull Gives Okenyo's "Just a Story" a Sick Rework

Aussie up and comer offers some advice you'll want tattooed as a reminder to get shit in perspective.

Okenyo shot by Romain Duquesne.

"When this all passes it'll be just a story," sings Okenyo. Truth say Okenyo! Truth say. Next time you're in a shitty situation, just remember: whatever's sucking the life out of you will be but an anecdote once time's blunted the sharp edges.

The Sydney-based singer dropped the original cut of this single in early April—from her EP Mirage—a limber, neo-soul song on which Okenyo's bendily-beautiful vocals played a pivotal part. Fellow Aussie artist, Andy Bull, has taken this beaut and reworked it, throw in a dusty vinyl crackle, a few finger clicks, more synths, and what you get is this little gem below. It's still Okenyo, but with a beat you can throw down to.