This story is over 5 years old.

I M U R's "FFL" Spells Out Sensuality with a Whole Lot of Letters

Weird band name, pretty good song.

Vancouver's I M U R–yes, that's how it supposed to be formatted–are among the many iterations of R&B-influenced synthpop duos currently cropping up everywhere. The main difference is that these guys are pretty good at what they do and have some actual nuance and shading to their production and performances. The false starts at the beginning of "FFL" mirror someone hesitating to bring up an uncomfortable issue in a conversation, but vocalist Jenny Lea is measured and calm as she coolly assesses the damaged relationship she's in. "We should know better," she sings as a mantra. While the chorus literally spells out the title, I M U R chooses to let the song wander into an extended groove of chirpy vocal samples and bent 808s before arriving at the final hook, no more resolved than before. Listen to "FFL" below.


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