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Young Thug Says "There Is No Such Thing as Gender" and Frank Ocean Says Stuff About Music in New Calvin Klein Ads

We're really here for Young Thug's beautiful teeth.
July 6, 2016, 1:56pm

Frank Ocean is everywhere and yet his music is nowhere. His long-awaited LP, still presumptively titled Boys Don't Cry, is nowhere to be seen. Quite frankly (ha-ha) we'll take what we can get from Mr. Ocean at this point. Whether it's appearing on Yeezy's The Life of Pablo or this Fall 2016 Calvin Klein ad, it's fine. We're fine with it.

The new campaign, which also features rapper Young Thug and Yung Lean, is incredibly surreal. Both are now part of a long roster of celebrities and musicians (most recently Canadian forever teen, Justin Bieber) featured in campaigns for the fashion line, exemplifying the "In My Calvins" branding. Frank Ocean's narration over images of him with a Marilyn Monroe character and sideways walking through a pink room feel like, maybe, lyrics to a new song? "It takes a mind to worry; a conscious to feel ashamed." Young Thug, on the other hand, postulates what being a rapper or gangster means and that, rather defiantly, "there is no such thing as gender." Watch the videos below and get lost in their dreamy worlds:

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