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PREMIERE: Meet Feeling Feelings, L.A.'s Most Lovesick New Band

Eat your feelings with a slice of So-Cal DIY.
July 20, 2015, 3:22pm

As if we needed more feelings, L.A.'s Feeling Feelings are here to break your heart in half with the most retro, lovesick surf-pop since Best Coast. Crafted in the image of a 1950s girl-band, frontwoman Kate Dwyer's songs are ridiculously charming. Close your eyes and Doris Day might as well be singing through her mouth. But don't be fooled by the patent leather veneer. Despite the deliberately stylized homage, Feeling Feelings rips into simple melodies with explosive punk vigor that's out to both crash and trash prom. The currently unsigned band will be releasing their debut EP King Baby on both vinyl and cassette. You can stream the album below in full via Bandcamp and purchase a physical copy here on September 10th.