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Sia Brought Killer Wigs, Vocals, and Dancers to Saturday Night Live for "Alive" and "Bird Set Free"

The singer did two cuts from her forthcoming 'This Is Acting' album.

Wig-loving songwriting wonder Sia is pushing a new album called This Is Acting with a new single called "Alive" that takes her to the expected soaring heights and a video starring a tough kid kicking ass. She was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live's Donald Trump episode last night and gave two eye catching performances, one of "Alive" and another of the recently released "Bird Set Free." They're something to look at for sure, but Sia's ongoing shtick of standing still under a kooky wig while another performer does elaborate choreography is falling flat from overuse, although shouts out changing the color from the usual platinum blonde to a two-tone Cruella DeVille get up. Additional shouts to Paula Poundstone, who would've was rocking suits like the ones in these performances to significantly less critical gas back in the day. Time is a flat circle. Watch "Alive" and "Bird Set Free" below.