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Italian Noise Rock Aliens Morkobot's New Video for "Kogromot" Is an Esoteric Nightmare

Taken from new album 'Gorgo,' the creepy new track is an intricate and powerful mass of noisy math rock.

The three space travelers who respond to the name of Lin, Lan and Lon—a.k.a. the Morkobot—have now been residents of the Earth for twelve years, and in September will release their fifth official statement in the form a new album. Called Gorgo, its cover was designed by Malleus, and its contents are Satanic, psychedelic and punk, all at the same time. Gorgo promises to be an even more intricate and powerful mass of noise math rock than that to which the three extraterrestrials have already accustomed us.


The first taste of the album is "Kogromot," five minutes and forty-two seconds of slap-to-the-face shots of double bass drumming and overall madness. The wooden low end rumbles like a tank, while its metallic counterpart will cut you in half with its sharp frequencies. You never feel safe within a predictable groove, and that's why we love it so much. The video, directed by Massimo Facchinetti, is an esoteric nightmare of black widows, toxic blobs, and pitch darkness.

Gorgo is out September 16 via Supernatural Cat; get lost in the video for "Kogromot" below.