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Listen to Cold Meat’s Terse and Taunting 80s Styled Punk

The Perth punks may hate themselves but they hate you more.

Image: Kyle Biggins

When Cold Meat vocalist Ashley screams, "I hate myself but I hate you more” on the opening track of the band’s new record an immense amount of anger and frustration is boiled down into a simple two-and-a-half minute punk song. Over some raw 80s punk riffs it’s a breviloquent and terse fuck you to shitty relationships, humiliation and self doubt.

The band liken their catchy garage punk to bands such as the electric eels and the Nixe, and while Leederville is a long way from London, Ashley’s shouty vocals also bring to mind current UK bands such as Frau and Good Throb.


Following their Sweet Treats demo, the band land their debut 7” ‘Jimmy’s Lipstick’ on their own Helta Skelta records. Listen to two tracks below and read a brief interview with Ashley and Kyle.

Noisey: I love the sentiment of the first track. Does the hate go out to anyone in particular?
Ashley: That song was written specifically about the point in toxic relationships where each party try to hurt each other as an attempt to reclaim any power they feel they’ve lost. It’s about humiliation, defensiveness and a sense of despair.

What is “Au Naturel" about?
Feminine hygiene products that are marketed to women alongside the persuasion that their genitals are inherently repulsive and unclean. The vagina is actually wonderfully self-regulating!

Were there any punks or bands you wanted to base the band on when you started out?
Kyle: Yeah I guess we started off trying to go for a similar sound to the electric eels or The Nixe. Ash and I wanted to get a new band together, playing instruments we weren’t comfortable with. Just dumb raw arse 70s punk. Then we got Charlotte and Tim involved. I’m now the only one familiar with my instrument. Charlotte having never played drums before and Tim not having played bass. So the music has to be real simple. We try to compensate with energy.

I’m digging the album cover.
Kyle: We just ended taking the piss out of Jagger on the cover of this one. Paying homage to the history of male centric rock n roll.

‘Jimmy’s Lipstick’ is out now on Helta Skelta ecords.