Our First VICELAND Broadcast Was the Best Kind of Disaster

Live TV is a very funny thing.
June 4, 2016, 10:04pm

VICELAND and Noisey are livestreaming Governors Ball All Weekend. Check here to see how you can tune in all day long.

Live TV is a very funny thing. Last night, VICELAND ran our first ever live TV production, and broadcasted the headliners of Governors Ball. Problem was, The Strokes took a little longer to go on stage than expected, meaning we had to think on the fly on how to fill time. Luckily, we had a real murderer's row of on-screen talent to fill space. Like the one and only Eric Sundermann, Noisey's captain and editor in chief, who did some very informative play by play of what was going down. Also on the broadcast was Prank King Dan Meyer, and former intern Taji Ameen, who both managed to fill time for a good five hours.

Best part? Depending on how tonight goes, we're going to do it again on VICELAND at 9PM with The Killers and Miguel, and none other than Kim Taylor Bennett. Feel free to gif your heart out.