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Club Weld Melt Krautrock Over Dub With 'Anthony's Bad Biscuits'

With weird guitar riffs, unique tunings and psychy synths, Club Weld blend no wave with Link Wray.

Club Weld is the house band of ASPECT; Autism Spectrum Australia. The idea behind the project is giving people on the Autism spectrum the opportunity to work with professional musicians and learn to make music as a team. Together they have been creating some fantastic instrumental jams that sit somewhere between kraut and dub.

As part of this project, ASPECT have collaborated with ICE (Information and Cultural Exchange) and spun Club Weld off into a new performance project called Maximum Headroom. Maximum Headroom teams up the Club Weld band with video artists Alexander Smith and Heath Franco, who have between them have won a bunch of different awards and worked with artists as diverse as Iggy Pop and Coldplay.

For this track "Anthony's Bad Biscuits", the first from the Maximum Headroom project, Smith and Franco have used a variety of 80s analog video equipment to create a suitably no wave, psych infused video clip. Imagine Sonic Youth made a Winamp visualiser and you're getting there.

Club Weld's EP will be available in early December. For more information visit the ICE website.