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Lil B Mixtape Covers, Ranked from Best to Less Best

Lil B has more mixtapes than most people have thoughts. Let's look at all of their covers.
March 8, 2013, 9:30pm

Lil B dropped a new video a few days ago. You could say this on literally any day and still be correct. It is called “Giving Up," and it highlights three things that Lil B has: a brand new based beard, some Deep Ass Thoughts, and a new mixtape P.Y.T., which stands for Pretty Young Thug, because Lil B is a genius.

Look at that beard. It's perfect. Not perfect in the lumberjack sense, but the amazing patchy symmetry of it is like a metaphor for Lil B. It looks strange and dirty at first, then you realize that it frames his face so well, and after looking at it a little bit longer your entire idea of what a beard is has been revolutionized cause you didn’t know that you could have something so based and original on your face. This is also the thought process necessary to enjoy his music.


In the music video, Lil B is living amongst Berkeley’s worst-off, camping out under a bridge and holding a sign up that says “I feel like giving up. Spare change? $ :)” and rapping lines like “I’m tryina figure out how I’m gon eat/I would shop at Whole Foods but that shit ain’t cheap, so I’m buyin’ cheeseburgers four times a week, drinking Hennessy before I sleep,” putting the reality of abject poverty straight on your computer screen. When was the last time your favorite rapper addressed the socioeconomic situation in America as eloquently as that?

P.Y.T. is something like Lil B’s 53rd solo project and has one of the dopest covers, so we decided to spread maximum positivity and put all of them in order. The concept of "Worst" doesn’t exist in Basedworld, so think of this as a list organized in terms of Most Best to Slightly Less Best.

Martin Spasov met Lil B once and rapped Charlie Sheen with him, forever impacting his own sad-ass life. DM him Girltime pics on Twitter at @RealMarvon