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Jay Electronica is Marrying into the Illuminati (Sort Of)

But is there a deeper conspiracy underfoot?
May 3, 2013, 8:45pm

This has been a long time in the making. Ever since Jay Electronica started carrying an Eagle head staff around and gave peace to the Five Percenters, you knew it was coming: his induction into the Illuminati, by way of marriage to billionaire/world string-puller/global puppet master/record label person Kate Rothschild.

Because impregnating soul music royalty Erykah Badu wasn't enough, Jay Electronica kept hustling his way to the top. Let this be a lesson: It's not about grinding hard, it's about grinding smart. When was the last time a rapper became so popular based on so little? Seriously, Jay Elect dropped like one 15 minute Based Freestyle, became big on the internet, linked up with Just Blaze to do two dope singles, signed a deal with fellow Illuminationer Jay-Z, pissed off Diddy, and has somehow enshrined himself in the hip-hop scene, promising a debut album almost as hyped up (and unlikely to happen) as Detox. All this, presumably, without dental insurance.

At the very least, Jay Electronica is a self-promotion genius. Remember when he gave out his home address and phone number on the radio, as a challenge to the haters? That's brilliant PR. Also, I'm willing to start the conspiracy theory that Kate Rothschild is marrying Jay Elect as a way to shut him up from rapping about conspiracy theories, thereby protecting the Rothschild name.* Kate Rothschild has gone on record saying that Jay Electronica saved her life. But what if maybe, just maybe, the Illuminati/Rothschilds were set to do with Jay Elect like they did Pimp C, but Kate Rothschild fell in love and is clandestinely protecting him? Hey, I'm just a guy asking the important questions….

Anyways, mazel tov to Jay and Kate.

*Like all conspiracy theories, this one is flawed. I'm willing to bet Jay was never gonna release an album in the first place, even without the interference of Ms. Rothschild.

Martin Spasov believes in the Illuminati. Not really. Share conspiracies with him at @RealMarvon