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Premiere: Ariane Moffat - Mon Corps (Tommy Kruise Remix)

A dark, cloud rap-style remix of Quebecois singer Ariane Moffat's "Mon Corps" by the incomparably bizarre Tommy Kruise.
May 8, 2013, 6:39pm

Tommy grabbin' a butt. Photo by Thursday Friday.

It's not often, or ever, that we're able to profile French Canadian artists—but that's why Tommy Kruise is around. He's effortlessly able to break musical barriers between beautiful Quebec, and the rest of the music loving internets from which Tommy's persona was conceived, birthed, and registered as an official citizen of the game. If you're not up on Tommy Kruise, he's a brand new, dark, cloud rap beatmaker from a small town in Quebec who already has a Fools Gold mix under his belt. More importantly though, he's fucking hilarious and just handed us this excellent remix of Quebecois singer Ariane Moffat's sultry, jazzy "Mon Corps." You can stream it below.

Plus, we asked our friend Maya Fuhr to interview Tommy over Facebook so you can all, briefly, jump inside the cranium of Monsieur Kruise. We kept a lot of the "hahahah" type vocabulary from their chatlog in there for fun.

Noisey: Tommy Kruise!! This new remix of yours starts with thunder. I love how you set an immediate mood to your beatsthe vibe is pretty damn dark.
Tommy Kruise: I loooove addin' textures to my sounds, like sometimes you'll hear a scream into a kick or some fire sounds at some point in other beats. It just adds so much personality to what you are creatin'. I wanted to have a really dark mood for her voice because she is kind of whisperin' in her verses and the lyrics are really deep. Also I'm unable to make happy songs even though I'm a very happy excited individual.

The song is so damn sexy. Like true French culturecigarettes & "baguettes" or whatever.
I told myself I wouldn't do other French projects but this one was sent over to me a while ago and I had just made a loop. I kept showin' to some people and they were feelin' the vibe so I decided to finish it.

Your beats are insane! How do they come to you? What's your creative process?
It's always different. I've learned how to make music the same way I'm still learnin' English now. All those technical terms in English don't mean shit to me so I had to do a lot of Google Translate. I've never taken any music courses or whatever. So I just do what motivates me, I fuck around for like 30 minutes and then usually I delete what I was workin' on and then start something else and then I'm in the zone. I love doin' shit alone or with someone that really inspires me, or that get the vibe that I'm on. When there's too many people in the room I will be able to create—but will tend to be influenced by other people's opinions—so I like to be up late and work on things alone.

What makes you so happy? Or excited? (wink wink) Every time I see you out and about you have such a COOL air about you.
I don't know ahahha I guess some things can't really be explained. Over the years I've encountered so many situations and got myself in trouble for stupid dumb shit, so I always focus on the positive shit now. I love hearin' what people have to say, seein' new places, hearin' new sounds, and eatin' cheeseburgers all over the world like I'm crocodile dundee exploratin' the jungle.

LIfe is just very amazing and also very short, I'm not tryin' to look back when I'm 40 and say: ''Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet *The Wire voice*, SHOULDA DONE DAT!" Also thanks to my parents, some very based and super happy individuals, they kill it and they still goin' strong in this game of love and life.

Photo by Maya Fuhr.

I like your style. So positive! What's the best cheeseburger you've ever had? And also, I don't speak French—could you sum up what Ariane's lyrics mean?
The Bacon Jumbo Cheeseburger made by André at Restaurant AA in Montreal at night really stands on top of my list, along with the Primeburger—over at that Steamburger Mont-royal and Papineau spot. Sendin' love to my girl Anna out there, very adorable person.

[As for the song,] she's talkin' about her body and what to do with it, but in a more LIFE approach. She's askin' herself all sorts of questions on what to do with her life but in the end she says that she's gonna make her way and go with the flow. That's how I interpreted it.

Wait, what do you mean "what to do with" her body?
She's really talkin' about a wide variety of state of minds in this one. ''What should I do with my body, sell it, give it or play with it?''

It's some very deep words, but she goes through a lot of thoughts in this one. I want to make more sexy music too, cuz I would like to be responsible for the newborn percentage to rise up a little. The couples in 2013 are very different than the last 10 years. It seems like none of my friends are able to keep up a good relationship. I'm not into that game tho. So if there is a big baby boom and millions of babies are born in the next year i'll know who to thank/blame. TOMMY KRUISE! Those beats!!!

None of your friends have good relationships?
Ahahhaa yes there's definitely some people that have some strong shit goin' on but maybe that's just the world I live in ahaha.

What sort of people inspire you? Who's been your favorite person to work or create with?
In the game right now, I'm really feelin this cat named A$ton Matthews out of L.A., him and A$AP Ferg are my favorite artists cuz they got their own style and delivery that goes with their personality. These Miami kids are very funny too, those Metro Zu fools. Antwon out in the west is crazy too, Main Attrakionz still the best duo ever. The Underachievers are doin' great things right now, too.

What's the Montreal scene like right now?
The scene in Montreal is very tight, I love Ceas Rock, Borden, Loe Pesci. These guys are really good at the game of rap. There's also this kid Louie P. from the south shore who's on the come up I really love what that kid does. He's Kaytranada's brother.

Cool. I saw you recently in Montreal at the VICE party where I danced like a slut on stage. How do you deal with girls (aka, me) being all over you when you perform?
Ahahha I don't know, I just love all the attention that can surround me. I love girls cuz they run my world. Y'all are beautiful.

Tommy Kruise will be DJing alongside A$AP Yams in Toronto this Friday.