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Honestly, @Seinfeld2000 Intarviewed Ezra Konig From Vampire Wekend

Honesty? Im prety sure this interview with Ezra from Vampire wekend just raise the bar for journelism and forever change the way we look at modarn culture today.

Editor's Note: Our newest writer @Seinfeld2000 emailed us saying he'd interviewed Ezra from Vampire Weekend. We called bullshit, so he provided us with a snippet of their interview in which Ezra says that @Seinfeld2000 "revolutionized the way I thought about music" in order to prove the interview was legit. You can hear it below.

What if vampire's were modarn today? That questien is at the hart of Vampire Wekend new albem Modarn Vampire's And The City


Actualy, that remind's me of another questien that is probebly a little more relevent to sociaty, no ofense to Vampire wekend: what if Sienfeld was still on tv today? That is the hypethesis of my hugely populer twiter parady acount @Seinfeld2000.

Guess who is a fan of @Seinfeld2000. Ezra konig from vampire wekend. Dont beleve me? No problem, just check out exibit A, this iPhone 4S screne grab of the twiter notificatien via my gmaile:

Anyway yada yada yada I reached out to Ezra konig and ask him if he would let me intarview him for VICE Noisey and literaly he was just was like "Id be happy to because i think your twiter is one of the greatest out there." So I dont think its exagerate when i say that ezra konig and i are prety much best friend's.

(NOTE TO EZRA: Hey ezra if your reading this- i think there are some hater's out there who wont beleve that i ACTUALY intarviewed you, their going to think this is a fake intarview. SMH. So anyway Ezra plese RT this article on twiter imediate to verify that we actualy did have a legit oficial intarview and im not just makeing this up)

To everyone else, defenitely scrol down and read this interview. We talked about 'sienfeld' mainly. Honesty? Im prety sure this interview with Ezra from Vampire wekend just raise the bar for journelism and forever change the way we look at modarn culture today.

Youre album is number one on Bilbard rite now. If 'Seinfeld' was still NBC comedy in curent day, like if NBC hadnt canceled it in 1998, would it still be number one on the Bilboard TV chart?
Deep in my heart, I hope that 'Seinfeld' would be number one on the Billboard TV charts if it was still on today. However, I don't know if the kids today would support 'Seinfeld' the way that they support 'Game Of Thrones.'


How much influence did @seinfeld2000's twetes have for inspiratien your new album lyricly and musicly. Probably 100 parcent rite?
I wouldn't say 100 percent, but perhaps 50 percent. When I first saw @Seinfeld2000 on Twitter, I had a huge moment of realization, because I finally realized that things from the past can be brought into the present. It totally revolutionized the way I thought about music.

Imagin if 'seinfeld' was on tv today? Elane would probably take so many instegram of her brunch except her brunch is cat food.
That's very interesting. Sometimes I even wonder, if 'Seinfeld' was still on today, if it would even be a TV show? What if Seinfeld today was simply an Instagram?

Serieous questien: if 'senfeld' was still in tv today, do you think Jary seinfeld would own a Samsang Galaxy Note 2 or a Samsung Galexy S4 or Blackbery Q10 or would he be more of an iPhone 5 kind of guy or would he still have iPhone 4S.
Hmm. I think Jerry would have an iPad and a flip phone.

Isnt Tayler swift a little to young to be dateing jary, i mean in modarn time hes 60 years old.
I don't think it's weird at all that Jerry would be dating Taylor Swift. He's always attracted beautiful women of all ages.

Close youre eyes for a moment. Are you doing it.

K, imagen if 'seinfeld' was in 3D.
I'm imagining it. It seems pretty cool. I think I would like it if every Thursday night, I had to go with my family down to the theater, put on 3D glasses, and watch the newest episode of Seinfeld. I think that would be a lot more exciting than watching it at home like we used to do in the '90s.


Be honast. If 'seinfend' was on tv today, would you even be a musicien or would you just spend all your days watching how jary, elane, garge and krobert interact with the custom's of the day, all the sociel media, not to mentien the technolegy devices that define our modarn time?
Realistically, I would not still be a musician if Seinfeld was still on TV today. I first picked up a guitar a few days after the Seinfeld finale after I suddenly had a lot more free time on my hands. I'm in a band and I make music because I like to think about what life is like today. And I like to talk about the modern world. If Jary and the gang were still doing that on TV, our work would serve no purpose.

You're friend's with Steve busemi rite?

What if 'Boardwalk empire' still on TV today.
I think it would be amazing if Boardwalk Empire was still on TV today. To imagine the types of crazy tweets that Nucky would do really makes me laugh. I can totally picture him breaking an iPad.

This interview is over.
Okay. Thank you.

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