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Major Lazer's Walshy Fire Presents Kelissa & Keznamdi's Exclusive Track: "Live for Today"

Jah bless.

As we reported in Noisey Jamaica 2, the island is seeing the emergence of a new wave of roots reggae influenced artists.

So far, the most high profile names to emerge from a scene that gravitates around a Kingston mountain club called Dub Club are Chronixx, Protoje, Jesse Royal, and a duo of siblings called Kelissa & Keznamdi whose father Chacula runs the studio / venue where Dub Club is held.

Their new single is called “Live For Today” and was produced by Walshy Fire (Major Lazer) who hosted Noisey Jamaica 2 and last year also released a mixtape with Jesse Royal. Stream it below. The two of them will tour with Chronixx when he comes to America in February. Jah Bless.