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Float Away and Cry with Lil Yachty on "So Many People"

What is there not to like about Lil Yachty?

Photo by Daniel Brothers

Not too long ago, Lil Yachty tweeted for fans to call into his studio and leave messages about why they like his music, and now we know why. "What is there not to like about Lil Yachty?" one caller muses at the beginning of "So Many People," his new song, which samples some of these calls and premiered just now on Zane Lowe's Beats1 show. And indeed. Just listen to "So Many People," his soothing, floating new song, which sounds more like a dream than anything resembling "rap."

One of the voices that comes on is a baby that says "lil boat!" And that's what this song feels like. It's a lullaby. It's pure feeling. Who wouldn't want to make music with the mindset of a baby, given the chance? How can you be mad about this It's a happy place, with better drums and so many friends. Is there anything as beautiful as this song? Probably not. Listen to it below.

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