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Skepta Discovers Joy with Makonnen and Céon on New Chune "Coming Soon"

It's so beautiful... :')

Skepta is roadman supreme, a dressed in all-white, frowning avatar of the North London council estate life. But today he is doing something completely different. "Coming Soon" rides a bubblegum trap beat that sounds like your dreams coming true on a very, very nice day.

That theme of fulfilment is central to the song, as Skepta boasts that "Shutdown" is "a tune" and makes a very timely comparsion of himself to Reasonable Doubt-era Jay Z, saying "Feeling like Jay in '96 they can't fuck with me / dropped Konnichiwa, it's the blueprint, now you're stuck with me." Makonnen warbles gleefully about getting a whole bunch of new chains and other boons imminently, but really everyone is linking arms and skipping through this track like they're in The Wizard of Oz, but more swagged out. Listen to "Coming Soon" below, it's gonna be a great day.

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