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Listen to Tralala Blip’s Wonderfully Unique Form of Aussie Electronica On ‘Oceans of Love’

If you think the only good Australian electronic music comes from the big smoke, then Tralala Blip are going to prove you wrong.

Tralala Blip come from Lismore on the far north coast of NSW, an area my late grandfather called “fucking hippy country”. There’s a fair bet he would have called Tralala Blip’s experimental electronica “fucking hippy music” too, but then my grandfather was a racist hick who liked shitty Australian country music.

Led by former member of Sydney hardcore band Massappeal Randolf Reimann, that’s him in the Rites of Spring shirt, the five-piece formed in 2007 as a workshop for individuals with mental and physical disabilities. Since then the band have released the album Aussie Dream and toured their unique electronic music through Australia and Europe.

Take a listen to “Oceans of Love” a track from the band’s upcoming cassette that will be released on ace Brisbane label Tenth Court.

The "Oceans Of Love" cassette is out Feb 26 through Tenth Court.