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Stream the Snarling New Compilation Album from LA Punk Greats The Red Aunts

Take a closer look at LA garage punks The Red Aunts.

Photo courtesy of In The Red

The Red Aunts are usually described as an "all-female punk band," which is technically true, but how about we just go ahead and call them what they are—a fucking PUNK BAND. The Red Aunts roared into life in 1991, four women with no prior musical experience, no real plan, but more than enough attitude—and hell, that and three chords is all you need to make a punk record. Terri Wahl (guitar/vocals), Kerry Davis (guitar/vocals), Debi Martini (bass/ vocals), and Lesley Ishino (drums) quickly found their footing and spat out five records' worth of gritty, swinging garage punk for Sympathy for the Record Industry and then Epitaph before throwing in the towel in 1998. Their bass-heavy racket left plenty of room for scratchy yowls about death, roller derby, and muscle cars, while the riffs snapped and bit, and the drums kept it simple, stupid. They never got as big as labelmates Rancid or the Descendents, but that's more thanks to the luck of the draw than to any failures on their part; the Red Aunts rocked and raged with the best of them, igniting a riot grrl spark in LA's sunshiney punk climate. Now, legendary rock label In The Red has set out to right that wrong with a deluxe greatest hits compilation, Come Up For A Closer Look. The album is out 12/9, and includes tons of photos, artwork, and liner notes written by music critic Sasha Frere-Jones.

Stream Come Up For A Closer Look here:

Come Up For A Closer Look is out 12/9 via In The Red Records.