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Want a T-Shirt Signed by the PC Music Crew? Cool, That'll Cost You $100,000

Apparently the proceeds will be donated to a charity of QT's choice.
Emma Garland
London, GB

The internet is a strange place. You can use it to order everything from pizza to an actual human woman bride, and arrange the delivery right to your door. You can talk to people in different time zones, peruse a worldwide gallery of flacid dicks free of charge on Chatroulette, and engage in righteous political fury ten times per day by signing as many petitions as you bloody well like.

Or, you can use it to flog all the tat you've acquired throughout your life to unassuming members of the public, as demonstrated by our friend above, who is currently advertising a t-shirt signed by PC Music crew members QT, Hannah Diamond, A.G. Cook, Danny "dick in the pants" Harle and FINNDIESEL on Craigslist.


This *SUPER RARE* item is being offered up for a cool $100,000 by someone who lives in the Chinatown/Little Italy area of Manhattan, with all proceeds allegedly going to a charity of QT's choice. Presumably, the signatures were harvested at the PC Music & SOPHIE: Pop Cube launch in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, but the whole concept is as weird and ridiculous as PC Music itself, for the following reasons:

1. Worldwide pop culture icons they may well become, but PC Music aren't exactly Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn (pour one on the ground) and this t-shirt isn't exactly their used sweatband. Who is the target audience for this product?

2. Has anybody bought a signed anything since 1994? This is 2015—people want vials of blood, sachets of sweat, bits of hair, and bagged air from iconic gigs.

3. GFOTY isn't even on it and she's, like, the best one.

4. Why would someone expect to get almost 100k for something that has clearly been used as a face rag?

5. Also, just, WHY?????

Some possible explainations include: A) America is fucking insane, or B) This guy has been hired by A.G. Cook as yet another social experiement on human stupidity vs capitalism. Also, how perfect would it be that a group of artists who have pretty much given their entire musical catalogue away for free got their compensation via one man's creased up Fruit of the Loom crewneck which they customized with a glitter pen.

But if, like me, you want concrete answers to these very important questions then visit the item page on Craigslist. Don't even think about hitting a bro up with your unsolicited services or offers, though. That's just taking the piss.

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