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Stream Quelle Chris and Bilal Salaam's Stunning, Psychedelic "I'm the Bridge You Must Burn"

It's the bonus track on Chris's new instrumental album 'Lullabies for the Broken Brain.'

Detroit rapper/producer Quelle Chris has carved out a reputation of underground hip-hop excellence over quality releases like Shotgun & Sleek Rifle, Niggas Is Men, and Ghost at the Finish Line, and on February 26, he will release a new instrumental album titled Lullabies for the Broken Brain via Mello Music Group, showcasing his effortlessly offbeat sound architecture all by itself. If you grab the release on CD or vinyl, you'll be blessed with a bonus treat: a vocal version of one of the album's highlights, "I'm the Bridge You Must Burn," featuring a stunning, psychedelic guest appearance from singer Bilal Salaam.


The song features a chorus of vocals swooping over Chris's driving production, before the whole thing stops on a dime midway through, changes beats, and runs the vocals dizzyingly backwards. Stream "I'm the Bridge You Must Burn," check out the Lullabies for the Broken Brain tracklist and album art below, and pre-order the release on iTunes here.

Lullabies for the Broken Brain

1. Open the Brain
2. Superlative High
3. Junkyard Dogs
4. It's You and I
5. M-39
6. Pencil, Pen, Paper
7. A Fear of the Dark
8. Peace and Pain
9. Desire to Be
10. Red Buttons
11. Madhattan
12. I'm the Bridge You Must Burn
13. Sickum
14. Midnight Double Feature
15. The Living (For the Broken Brain)