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Watch Sadie DuPuis and Lizzo Write a Pop Song Together Called "Basement Queens" Over Google Docs

Behold: the future of songwriting.

Last night, Sadie DuPuis of Speedy Ortiz (one of our 2015 Artists of the Year) hinted at a new project by creating a Facebook page for Sad13. Who is Sad13? Aside from the numerical spelling of Sadie, it's the name of DuPuis' solo pop project. Today, she's released a video documenting the process of the first single "Basement Queens," a righteous collaboration with Minneapolis rapper Lizzo. While the two artists had never met IRL, the video shows them seamlessly cowriting a song over Google Docs, from parsing out vocals to writing the lyrics. Leave it to two innovatively feminist musicians to make something as unexciting as a Google Doc into a tool for world domination. Check out the video and immerse yourself in the songwriting process of the future.