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Premiere: Mindsnare Pay Tribute to Lemmy with a Cover of Motörhead’s ‘Mean Machine’

The Melbourne hardcore legends crank up the volume and riffs on this classic piece of hard rock.
January 22, 2016, 3:00pm

Image: Nicole Goodwin

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.

Australian hardcore legends Mindsnare have always had a strong affinity with Motörhead. The riffs, the speed and the attitude of the legendary UK band has featured prominently in the Melbourne band’s live show and sound. To pay tribute to Motörhead front man Lemmy Kilmister, who sadly passed away in December, Mindsnare have released a cover of Motörhead ‎classic “Mean Machine".

Taken from the iconic 1986 album Orgasmatron, the song (and the cover) bristles with a hammering and non-compromising snarl. Mindsnare recorded the track in June 2015 with the intention of releasing it as a B-side to a seven-inch, but with the passing of Lemmy it seemed like now was the best time to unleash it.

Mindsnare guitarist Beltsy explains: "Motörhead ‎is the epitome of a hard/punk/rock band. Everything about them, from their no-bullshit look, to their iconic logo and legendary front man Lemmy, is uncompromising. But above all they they could write and play some of the dirtiest, sleaziest, heaviest, most honest music on offer. On December 28, 2015 we lost one of the music industries greatest icons as well as one of my greatest musical influences. Motörhead ‎have never bowed to any musical trend over their career and this is one rule that Mindsnare has always followed. RIP Lemmy Kilmister 28/12/2015.”