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Doom or Be Doomed: Stream Primitive Man's New Splits with Northless and Sea Bastard

Denver's heaviest return with a one-two knockout punch of sludgy goodness.

Primitive Man is many things—heavy, hateful, miserable, misanthropic, distorted, doomed—but the Denver trio is absolutely nothing if not prolific, a fact we're reveling in here today by offering you a double dip of their two newest releases.

First up, we've got a split release with the maritime sludge fiends in the UK's Sea Bastard, whose droning dirges and horrific gurgles nicely complement Primitive Man's muscular grooves. This one comes courtesy of Dry Cough Records and Black Reaper Records on March 7. You can preorder the physical manifestation here (or here), and dive headfirst into a stream below.

Secondly, we've got another split, this time with their few fellow Yankee bastards in Northless. While Primitive Man continues to find solace in feedback and filth, Northless takes a more post-metal approach, toying with dynamics and shades of hardcore in their urgent, tense contributions. Their four-song split is available for preorder now, and is officially out March 4 via Halo of Flies.