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3AW Host Neil Mitchell Also Offended by Cuntz

First Seattle, now this; you can add breakfast radio listeners to the list of people that don't like Cuntz.
October 6, 2015, 5:36am

As you may have heard, Melbourne punks Cuntz, who are currently touring the US in support of their upcoming third studio album Force The Zone, recently had a show in Seattle cancelled over reactions to their name. In a Facebook post, promoter DASWASUP GIG stated that he has chosen to “stand with my lady friends and feminist friends on this issue” and axe the show that was due to take place at the Victory Lounge.


The reaction to this announcement has been interesting; amongst the hordes of angry punters calling out “PC culture”, a few have pointed out that the same promoter has booked an upcoming show for noise rock band Child Abuse and that the name DASWASUP GIG could been seen to be a racist appropriation of hip-hop vernacular. Not to mention that the word “cunt” has very different connotations for Aussies, and that all of the objections to the name seem to wilfully ignore the context in which it is presented.

Thankfully, amongst all the hate that DASWASUP GIG is copping they know that they can always turn to the listeners of Neil Mitchell's morning talk radio show for support.

In this unearthed clip from Mitchell's Talking Melbourne 3AW breakfast radio show, a disgruntled caller can be heard complaining of a “particularly offensive” band name advertised on the wall of The Tote in Collingwood.

The call starts with Mr. Mitchell adorably referring to The Tote as “the music place”, and it only gets better from there. Take a listen.

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