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Meet The Guy With Cornrows Who Eats Corn While Listening to Korn

Corn x 3

Welcome to the Cornhole, a world where corn is more than just a food, but also a fashion, a musical movement and currency. Basically it’s a maize maze of organized chaos.

Meet Aaron Gocs, a gentleman from Brisbane, Australia who as well as being partial to Jimmy Barnes icecream, isn't afraid to venture deep into the cornhole. A recently uploaded YouTube video has him sitting in front of a computer screen, wearing cornrows, and cranking Bakersfield, California’s finest nu-metal band while eating a couple of fresh cobs of delicious corn.


Noisey: Is there anyway to get any more corn into the video?
Aaron Gocs: Somebody suggested popcorn or creamed corn but the trick is to only have one form of corn - food, hair and music.

Who did your rows?
My ex does the hair. She owes me money that she won’t pay so she just does the hairdo.

Why “Got the Life"?
It seemed to come out at the height of Korn-mania so it’s the song I most associate with them. Plus it rocks!

You mention it's nice corn. Where did you get it?
I purchased at a strange little fruit shop in Logan that was open at 3am when I went in after my work shift. Fresh is best!

Do you add Cholula or Tabasco?
Sometimes I add butter but this occasion was natural.

You mention the downside of eating corn is getting it stuck in your teeth. There are other downsides.
I try not to look at my poos but yeah, corn is always there isn’t it?