PREMIERE: Enter 'The Howling Twilight' with Texan Dark Folk Project The Way to Light

Stream the Texas outfit's gorgeously gloomy new album for Grimoire Cassette Cvlture.
December 14, 2015, 4:13pm

Photo courtesy of The Way to Light

Texas is known for a lot of things, but it gets the least credit for its romance. The Lone Star state has those wide open spaces, lonesome highways, dusky twilight, and everything else George Jones ever sang about in abundance, and that aura's bled right into dark folk outfit The Way of Light's heavily atmospheric new album, appropriately titled T_he Howling Twilight_.

The nine-song album is a somber, contemplative affair that falls somewhere near a moonlit crossroads between Steve Von Till's solo work, Agalloch's whispered quiet, Disemballerina's funerary strings, and dark, gentle ambient drone. You can call it neofolk if you like, but there's much more to it than that. It's music to lose yourself in—or to turn to if you're already lost. We're streaming it in its entirety below.

The Howling Twilight is out December 25 via Grimoire Cassette Cvlture; preorder it here, and lose yourself in the gloaming.