This story is over 5 years old.

“Support Real Hip-Hop”: Slim Jesus Gets His Mic Snatched at Canadian Show

We guess this is what you get for putting Chief Keef in your top 5.

It would appear uber talented rapper Slim Jesus has already run into trouble on the first stop of his tour. Performing in Ottawa yesterday night for the first stop of his Young & Ignorant Tour, the rapper took to the stage to perform what sounds like/probably wasn’t “Drill Time” to a his large and adoring fanbase. However, things turned south as Jesus’ mic was snatched from one DJ named Black Jesus who neatly reminded us all to “support real hip hop.” While we have many questions about this exchange including how serious one should take a battle between two jesus’ of a different race we presume this is probably the result of Slim putting Chief Keef and Lil Wayne in his top 5 best rappers list.


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