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Young Thug and Metro Boomin's Beef Is Over, Was Maybe Fake, and Here's a New Song

The duo just released "Hercules."

This past year it's been really easy to jump the gun about which musician was fighting with whom. While every genre has seen beef sprinkled a little bit here and there, it has popped off for rap music. And though the year is winding down to these last couple months, it seemed as though the buffet of beef would continue with Young Thug and Metro Boomin. A few days ago, Metro said over Twitter that musicians should be careful not to keep up with Future's prolific year long stretch. "Moral of the story is, putting out five tapes in a year won't make you heat up like Future. That was just his path. It's not for everyone." A lot of people were curious as to who this was aimed at, until collaborator and other half of Metro Thuggin (and voice of the glorious drop "Metro Boomin wan som mo"), Young Thug, thought it was him.


Thugger hit back on Twitter, asking Metro who he was referring to in his original tweets. This lit the internet up, as these types of things do, and made rap fans wonder what the deal was and whether or not this was real. Eventually, Metro told Thug to see him in real life, and Future subtly referred to everything happening, tweeting "U will never have the juice like that." To top all of this off, Thug laughed at both of them, tweeting, “I think if you guys were to stop drinking so much cheap liquor and high-tech syrup you would be able to think before speaking and typing," and finally telling Metro he was going to beat him up.

It was all really strange to see two artists who have not only established careers together, but are expected to release more collaboriate music. Young Thug hasn't been one to shy away from squabbles like this, getting into beef with Jeezy for an extended period of time, and of course the love-hate-whatever relationship that he has with Lil Wayne. On another level, this "beef" in particular just felt like a goddamn bummer—kind of like mom and dad were fighting and we just wanted them to stop. Like, hell, look at DS2 and Barter 6. Easily some of the best work by both artists; Thugger finding the middle ground between singing and rapping he does, and Metro delivering his most texturally interesting work ever with a super-charged Future flying over his beats. If the two had problems with each other, it would without a doubt be the stupidest shit ever—at least from the perspective of a fan.


So luckily it appears that the beef was a hoax, revealing it to be so when the two appeared on Periscope last night, FaceTiming and laughing. It then resulted in the duo's new track "Hercules," a song that, fortunately, fucking rules. It features Thugger's voice hitting all types of different notes and patterns, matching the way Metro's beat snakes through the track. A track fit for any divine hero to get wild to.

It's worth noting that Metro tweeted this last night:

Ain't no publicity stunts. There was a real misunderstanding with real emotions but it's resolved. Thugger my brother 4 life #Hercules

— Metro Boomin (@MetroBoomin) November 13, 2015

It's a little to early to say what's up with Thugger and Future, and if that's something that will hit a boiling point at some point later. For now though, let's all be thankful that this turned out to apparently be two dudes fucking around and not anything bigger than that. It's easy to feel like a chump because of this, but at the end of the day who cares? If this is how famous musicians entertain themselves on the Twitterwebs in 2015, so be it. Just make music that's worth the bullshit. Thankfully, they both do.

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