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MØ Wears A Heavy Jacket In The Desert, Otherwise Shoots For Summer in "Final Song" Video

It's the second video to be released in advance of her as-yet-untitled second LP.

A couple weeks back when eminently un-Googlable Danish singer MØ dropped “Final Song,” the second track from her forthcoming second LP, she seemed to be shooting straight for a summer hit. It’s essentially a massive chorus with some catchy “whoah whoah” hooks to kick it in, ready for club rotation but just as likely to be present on every single playlist that your pop-addled friends put together.

Today she shared the video for the track and it does nothing to dispel that idea. Aside from the fact that Karen Marie Ørsted is wearing an unnecessarily hefty winter jacket while dancing around in the desert, it’s all perfectly sun-ravaged and backed up with light-covered mountain ranges. She levitates, too, which is cool. Still, seriously, deserts are pretty hot during the summer, the coat seems like overkill.

Watch it below.