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Death Grips Have Recruited Primus’ Bassist for Their New Track “More Than the Fairy”

This will thoroughly shake that holiday hangover right out of you.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

If you spent most of your holiday weekend drinking alcoholic liquids in the various spaces provided to you, the last thing you probably want to hear this early in the day is four minutes of guttural roars, pummelling drums and disorienting, twisted electronics. However, put that notion aside for a moment and listen to the new Death Grips track “More Than the Fairy.” Not to be confused with Boston's "More Than a Feeling," this track will shout and shake that Tuesday comedown out of you once cranked up to 100.


If you’re wondering why Death Grips sound a bit more “slappy” than usual, that’s because they enlisted Les Claypool from Primus on bass, resulting in a warped musical dream team. The track was also accompanied by this weird flashing image of a banana attached to some gold teeth, resting on a wire. Which, y'know, probably has some nuanced and weighty meaning behind it.

Listen below: