This story is over 5 years old.


We Decided to Make an iPhone App, and It's the Greatest iPhone App of All Time

Turn up for apps.

People of the internet, rejoice: Noisey has an iPhone app now. That’s right, browse our site on your phone when the teacher isn't looking like never before. We are the greatest website on the planet, so who wouldn’t want to have easy access to Noisey content 24/7? We've made it easier for you to read Noisey. We've made it easier to watch Noisey. We’ve made it easier for you to share Noisey on Twitter and Facebook. In short, we've made it easier to be cooler.


If you're on your phone, you can download it here. If you're on your computer, just grab your phone, go to the App Store, search Noisey for iOS, and click on that little download button. It's pretty simple. You know how to do it. Turn up for apps. Turn up for Noisey. Turn up for life.