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PRFCT Storm Links Up with Mackned and SneakGuapo on "Muddy"

Born in Hawaii and settling in Seattle, the 22-year-old producer is blending his environments in a unique way.

Hawaii seems like just about the chillest place on earth. One where nothing goes wrong, nobody has any neurosis, and the only place you'd encounter "Twitter beef" is on the menu of a social media-themed restaurant. It's an idyllic vision that PRFCT Storm is about to rip a hole right through.

PRFCT Storm is a 22-year-old producer born in Maui, Hawaii, before migrating to Seattle, where he linked up with Thraxxhouse members and rap scene staples Mackned and SneakGuapo. We're premiering the trio's collaboration "Muddy" below. Sonically it feels lush and trippy in places, but the Seattle influence has blessed Storm's material with an underlying current of darkness that runs through the whole track, making it the perfect beat for rappers like Mackned and SneakGuapo to ride.

Listen below.