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Celebrate All-Star Weekend in Toronto By Seeing Win Butler of Arcade Fire DJ with Pierre Kwenders

Party hard while not feeling guilty, since all the profits go to charity!

Want to celebrate All Star Weekend with some cool musicians and athlete? Who doesn't, but we don't all have the sort of money that's necessary to mob out with Future, see Jeezy in a private venue, or watch Beyonce and Jay Z stand around in the back of a club? Good news, the good people at DUDEBOX are partnering up with Montreal's Moon Shine to bring you an event that's not only exciting, but good for your soul. You have the chance to see DJ sets from Win Butler of Arcade Fire as DJ Windows 98, as well as from Montreal's mystical Pierre Kwenders. On tope of that, 100% of the profits raised will go towards KANPE, Win Butler's favourite charity that gives money to Haiti. That means that you can enjoy All Star Weekend feeling guilt free, until you run into that NBA player to who you give the wrong handshake.


The event will be happening in Toronto on Friday February 12 at 51 Jefferson Ave. We're going to be paying for 4 people to get into this magical night, which you can win by emailing and including your full name, address, and phone number with "All Star Weekend in Toronto" in the subject line. If you want more information about the event it's available here.